ASAP Ingredients

ASAP Ingredients

ASAP Supplement FactsAs Slim As Possible (ASAP), contains a blend of key Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and unique plant extract. Natural nutrients and extracts help ASAP to be immediately identified by the body and utilized for purposes of weight loss. During the formulation process each ingredient has been kept in its most active form and combined precisely so they work synergistically to expedite weight loss and target stores of excess fat.

Each of these ingredients are found in various forms and dosages in a variety of powerful nutritional supplements. However, what makes ASAP unique is the science that drives the specific combinations of ingredients within the proprietary ASAP formula. Using this science and combining it with highly purified extracts with exact dosages revolutionizes the use of these safe, proven, effective ingredients.

Niacin (Vitamin B-3)

Without Niacin, over 60 different processes in the body would be interrupted and almost all of the body's energy functions would be disturbed. Niacin is not only vital for these functions to take place, but these are the same functions that focus on metabolism and energy for the body. ASAP uses Niacin in its formula for the specific purposes of getting at these energy stores and releasing them from the body before they turn to fat stores. Excess energy equals excess calories which means excess weight. The Niacin in ASAP helps to metabolize calorie or food stores and keep the body at an optimal rate of food to energy.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Without enzymes the body is unable to break down any foods into the nutrients needed for energy, recovery…and life. Vitamin B6 is the regulator of over 100 enzymes that target the metabolic reactions that allow the body to produce energy. Unlike most other nutrients that play such a critical role in health and weight loss, Vitamin B6 can only be supplied through the diet and outside intake. Simply by enhancing the intake of this one nutrient individuals have seen significant reductions in their weight and energy levels. While B6 is powerful on its own, ASAP, combines it with two other B-Vitamins in optimal ratios to laser in on fat loss and accelerates results.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

For years Vitamin B12 has been used to support weight loss efforts in those who are extremely overweight. Vitamin B12 arranges other enzymes together to efficiently break down proteins and fats The resulting nutrients that are released from this process are combined with enzymes to promote the release of energy and avoidance of excess fat stores in the body. This is also an important vitamin needed for proper respiration and oxygen use in the body. As most individuals feel fatigued during weight loss due to calorie restrictions, Vitamin B12 provides greater efficiency of oxygen within the body and supports stable energy production. ASAP combines vitamin B12 with Niacin and B6 to provide a perfect matrix of B-complexes that are targeted for fat loss and excess calorie expenditure.

ASAP Proprietary Blend

Man Holding ASAPWhile ASAP's blend of B-vitamins begins to work on immediate energy stores and releases nutrients from daily nutrition, the ASAP proprietary blend begins to restructure the body's composition of fat and muscle. As fat lays on top of muscle its structure can be quite different when it's ready to "slide" off and eliminate it from the system through the normal processes of energy and waste. The breaking down of fat into these individual components that are easier to digest or utilize is critical for immediate, significant weight loss. The ASAP Proprietary blend contains highly concentrated antioxidants, amino acids, and plant extracts to target large pockets of fat in specific areas and restructure them so they are advantageous for the body to eliminate. This specific blend has allowed all age groups, activity levels, and weight loss goals to achieve significant weight loss over longer periods and less "plateauing" effects.

  1. Resveratrol

    This powerful antioxidant made famous for its ability to neutralize toxins that can harm the heart is just as valuable as a scavenger for toxic stress caused by excess fat stores. At the most fundamental, cellular level, researchers have found that specialized extracts of Resveratrol can inhibit the production of mature fat cells and hinder fat storage. This is critical for individuals who are looking to ensure long term fat loss and create an environment where fat cell production is significantly reduced. Studies have also shown that intake of resveratrol allow for muscles to take a greater amount of energy that would otherwise have been stored as fat???. ASAP leverages both the potent antioxidant benefits, cleaning up the toxic stress due to high amounts of fat, and its ability to shift excess calories away from fat cells to promote a healthier weight loss.
  2. Picamilon 

    Losing weight can be very stressful. The physiological and psychological stresses that an individual goes through can hinder weight loss success. Early humans under stress tended to retain calories to be used later for survival purposes. However, that was back in the prehistoric days. Today, the stress just leads to excess weight gain and, worse, the inability to lose weight regardless of the nutrition or activity schedule. ASAP looks at the entire body and its experience through weight loss. ASAP includes Picamilon to the blend due to its anti-anxiety and stress reducing properties, making it a powerful indirect ingredient to weight loss. This is a key feature and is the reason why ASAP has had so much success for all types of individuals. Picamilon prepares the body so that as the other ASAP nutrients begin to work to reduce weight, burn excess calories, and hinder fat production, they can perform these functions in the most optimal environment.
  3. L-Carnitine 

    One of the most widely used nutrients for weight loss, L-Carnitine has some basic fundamental properties in the body that make it optimal for specific fat loss. L-Carnitine is essential for transporting fatty acids taken from food and quickly delivering them to cells so they can be used up as energy. Its job is to make sure that these fatty acids are not floating around the blood stream wreaking havoc on the body and being more susceptible to weight gain. ASAP has included L-Carnitine not only for its specific fat loss properties but also because it metabolizes in certain ways to generate more energy for the body and increases cellular energy in the mind, promoting better stability and focus. During significant weight loss, which has been seen using ASAP, mental acuity and a general sense of lethargy can be seen. However, with ASAP unique formulation and combination of ingredients, these side effects are almost non-existent.
  4. L-Glutamine 
    Glutamine is considered a "conditionally non-essential" amino acid, meaning that normally the body has the ability to produce enough of it on its own, however in times of stress and trauma the body will have to supplement. Weight loss is stressful. If you're maximizing the ASAP program you are also doing some exercise as well, which can also be additional stress to the system. ASAP has included Glutamine to counteract those elements of stress and keep the body in maximal fat burning mode. You will also notice that many medically supervised diets and ones for severe obese individuals will recommend supplementation with Glutamine. This is due to the fact that Glutamine helps the body to maintain lean muscle mass during the weight loss process. Many times individuals will lose a significant amount of weight but are left with minimal muscle mass. Losing muscle and keeping fat, regardless of the total weight loss numbers, can be dangerous and set the body up for ultimate system failure.
  5. Tribulus Terrestris ExtractFor thousands of years Tribulus Terrestris, was used in ancient India, Greece, and Asia as a survival food during famine-like conditions. Although there is no "famine", ASAP leverage the biological pathways of Tribulus to ensure that during weight loss the maximum amount of lean muscle mass is retained. ASAP is not only powerful due to its weight loss properties but also because individual have seen dramatic changes in "inches". Men have been able to retain their broad shoulders but reduced their waist lines using ASAP. This is due to the body composition changes taking place, where fat is eliminated yet muscle mass retained. Consequently this also works for women, where they become more "tighter" and "toned" in problem areas. Tribulus helps the body to maintain muscle mass and when used with proper exercise it can even provider greater gains in muscular structure and tone. Along with nutrients such as L-Glutamine, ASAP combines various nutrients to support total composition changes in the body promoting greater health.
  6. Epimedium Extract

    The weight loss properties of Epimedium extract are directly tied to the link between the production of a hormone, Cortisol and excess fat accumulation. Cortisol has been termed the "stress hormone" because excess Cortisol not only promote weight gain, but also affects where you put on that weight. Studies have shown that elevated Cortisol tends to cause fat deposition in the abdominal area rather than the arms and chest. For women, it causes fat accumulation in the hips and thighs. Epimedium extract helps the body to regulate Cortisol levels, lowering them in times of stress, either physical, physiological, or psychological. ASAP uses a very potent and powerful extract of Epimedium to manage the stress and Cortisol levels of the body so the most "toxic" and difficult weight gain is not achieved.
  7. L-Arginine 
    ASAP has leveraged the powerful studies of L-Arginine and it's dramatic effects on not only weight loss, but body fat. Studies done at the University of North Carolina and Texas A&M University showed that supplementation with L-Arginine considerably reduced body fat, body fat proportion, and fat accumulation. Scientist found that L-Arginine changed nutrients with regard to muscle increase rather than fat storage. Changing the pathways of these nutrients away from fat storage allows for continued fat loss over longer periods of time. While most weight loss products provide immediate results that then plateau or taper off, ASAP has the ability to continue with larger weight loss effects over a longer period of time. L-Arginine is just one of the nutrients that helps to maintain high levels of fat and glucose metabolism to produce significant results.


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