Healthy Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to eat other healthy foods while I'm on the HBC – Weight Loss Program, for example, I know that raspberries are good for me, but I do not see it in the plan? – Jackie L.
No, it is very important that you stay within the exact guidelines of the HBC – Weight Loss Nutrition Plan and only the approved foods. Even though there are many healthy foods, such as raspberries, that are not included on the plan, they are not to be eaten while on the ASAP Cycle. Key to program success is simplicity and focus, therefore we want you to focus on the exact foods approved and to make your nutritional habits, from grocery shopping to the types of foods to prepare for, very simple. Substituting foods can create confusion, uncertainty, and possibly hindrance to accelerated weight loss. The approved foods have been tested, used with multiple demographics, and proven to be effective in creating significant weight loss.

I like to exercise, what types of exercise, if any, am I allowed to do on the ASAP Cycle, would it help accelerate my weight loss? – Greg H.
Minimal, if any. Due to the low caloric restrictions of the nutritional program, you must be careful in exerting too much energy on the program. Exercise is extremely beneficial during the maintenance phase, however while you are losing weight, the body may need those calories to function optimally during the day. However, simple exercise such as stretches and light walks can prove to be beneficial because when you are finished with your weight loss you want to have the body ready to be able to exercise. It is important to remember that the new calorie reductions during the ASAP Cycle along with the calories that are being burned by actively burning excess calories through ASAP and your food choices may leave you tired and lethargic at first, however this will pass as your body gets acclimated to its enhanced metabolism. Exercise during the ASAP Cycle could cause the body unneeded stress, stress that it may not have the calories to handle, therefore exercise could work in reverse where it keeps the body from releasing fat stores and holding onto weight. Therefore it's important to take things slowly and keep exercise to a minimum.

With the reduction in calories and foods, what are some of the things I may feel at the beginning and how long will it last? - Sandy A.
Some people have felt a lack of energy, light headaches, cravings, light hunger, and a bit lethargic. However all this can be expected when you take a unit of energy, which is called a "calorie", and reduce it significantly. The body is an incredibly efficient machine however and therefore the body after some time, a week to 10 days, begins to truly understand its caloric needs and also begins to use its existing stores to feed the energy needs. This is the essence of the HBC – Weight Loss program, while it is readjusting the caloric needs of the body it is also releasing the energy stores, through fat, that will feed the body the added calories it needs. The key is to let the body acclimate, this varies for individuals, the longer the body has been in a state of weight gain and unhealthy weight maintenance, the longer it will take to break the cycle, but it will break and then the acceleration of weight loss will occur.

I have noticed that some websites that are promoting the HBC – Weight Loss program have different calories and some individuals feel that starting on a lower caloric plan than 1000 has been successful, what one should I follow? Garrett A.
As with any program, some individuals have seen success with minor changes to the approved system. These sites are independent of the corporate Youngevity Healthy Body Challenge site. You will notice that all these sites are pretty consistent with foods, cycle duration and process, and product sets. However, there are variations in calorie amounts and when foods are to be eaten (i.e. eating less breakfast). Because the HBC – WL system is very community and partner oriented ,we encourage individuals to follow the system of their leader and follow a program they feel they can have the greatest success in. The Youngevity program is to provide the upper limits of what can be done and also provide information that the majority can follow.

I noticed there is a 1000 calorie program and 1200 calorie program, which one should I follow, I am 140lbs and I want to be 110lbs. – Sally F.
The two plans correlate to your goal weight. If your goal weight is 119lbs or less, the 1000 calorie diet is best for you. If you want your goal weight to be 120lbs or above, the 1200 calories is best for you. This should be thought of as a very simple guideline. What we have found is that many individuals regardless of their goal weight, begin at the 1000 calorie plan and if they are unable, after 2-3 weeks, to adjust (i.e. have the energy they need to function through the day), they move up to the 1200 calorie plan. We encourage this because you may find that the body can adjust quickly and with the release of calories from excess fat stores the 1000 calories is adequate. It is more beneficial to go up in calories than down.

Is it OK for me to drink 0 calorie drinks or foods that are not on the plan, I will not be adding any new calories to the diet? Tom H.
No, although these 0 calorie products may not add calories, we do not know what they are adding. Many of these products have synthetic ingredients, dangerous fillers, and chemicals that may not work well with the body's metabolism during this time. Therefore we recommend during the Cycle phases that you stick ONLY to the approved foods and liquids that are on the plan.


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