At 61yrs old, my proportions are shaping up to the body I had when I was 20! I lost 57lbs in 12 weeks with the Healthy Start Weight Loss Pak! My skin tone is unbelievable for a woman my age losing weight this fast!
– Sharon Z.

Over the years, I have tried all different kinds of diets. I would lose a little weight and gain back even more. I finally found something that works. Not only have I lost the weight, but I have kept it off! I have lost 70 pounds and went from a size 14-16, to a size 3-4. I have a ton of energy, feel wonderful, and have control of my life again! Losing weight does not have to be a constant battle.
– Jen K.

I love the outdoors. Golfing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting are things I really enjoy. Over the past 8 years I had put on enough weight that it was difficult to enjoy any of these activities. I tried different ways to lose weight and none of them took off more than 5 or 6 lbs. and then I would gain those back plus a few more. I heard about the ASAP product and met a few people that were having tremendous success. I decided to give it a try. I have lost a total of 46.6 lbs. and 8.5 inches in the waist in 62 days. My Body Mass Index (BMI) has gone from Obese to NORMAL! I am 1.6 lbs. away from my weight goal. I feel great physically, emotionally, and mentally. I am also enjoying the outdoor activities again!
– Tim S.

At age 71 I lost 81.2 lbs.

I started the ASAP Program on November 26, 2009. I was 71, had tried everything to lose weight, but it was getting critical this time. I could not even walk up four stairs at McDonalds without pulling myself up by the handrail. I had to sit on the front row at my Grandson's wrestling matches because I couldn't climb the bleachers. At 5'2" and weighing 222.2 lbs. I felt pressure on my knees and hips every day.

I have lost a total of 81.2 lbs. and I went from a size 2-3X to a 8-10. I no longer feel pressure on my knees or hips. I lost 6" off of each knee. I play pickleball 2 days a week and table tennis 3 days a week. My life has totally changed. I look good and I feel good. I am so proud of myself for sticking to this. I have learned portion control and how to select healthy snacks. I have my life back.

Thank you As Slim As Possible!

– Donna

My busy pilot schedule doesn't allow me to exercise enough, my weight got to 204lbs...in 28 days with ASAP, I'm at 180...I lost 24lbs in less than a MONTH!!
– Chris C.

If I had but one thing to be thankful for, it's the day the Lord brought Earline Downey's web page across my screen. I had tried a few of the Youngevity products and contacted her as to how to return the Ferre Fat Pak, which didn't work for me and she began to tell me about a new product called ASAP – As Slim As Possible! After about 6 weeks of anticipation and meditating on the information posted on the website, I began the journey in mid-April, 2012. After countless diets, frustrating calorie counting, the illnesses and stress of being overweight and a gastro bypass surgery over 20 years ago, today I celebrate the loss of 58 lbs! I'm 42 lbs away from my goal. ASAP is the only weight loss product and means I've tried that gave me these results and without exercising! However, I will stress the importance of supplementing with the recommended products from Youngevity. I have been overweight all my life, but today at 49 years of age, I feel younger, I'm told I look younger, my skin is even clearer! I've been in ministry since 1994, and as a pastor the greatest testimony is not the one told but the one seen. I'm grateful to God for the new creature He's creating in me through ASAP - AWESOME SUPERB AMAZING PRODUCT ;)

– Pastor Sandra J.

I started the ASAP Program after unsuccessfully trying to lose weight for the last 3 years. By following the protocol I enjoyed eating healthy foods, taking the supplementation, and ASAP. I feel revitalized, have gained so much energy, and look forward to sharing this guaranteed healthy weight loss program with many others. I lost 25 pounds and 44 inches in 4 weeks, with 10 pounds to go!!
– Lauretha W.

I have tried every diet known to man, nothing worked until I found ASAP. I lost 73 lbs. I went on vacation to Mexico for 2 weeks and kept it off. I believe ASAP resets your metabolism! ASAP has changed my life more than anything I have ever done in my life!
– Victoria B.

I started ASAP and after 3 weeks I had lost 27 lbs! (I didn't do my measurements at this time). That was absolutely amazing! I've tried many things but never have I tried anything like this before. I feel great and look great. My husband saw my results and decided that he wanted to try it. I was so excited that he made a decision to better his health so I did another three weeks to support him. Not to my surprise, I lost another 16 lbs and 19 inches, which gave me a total of 43 lbs gone in only six weeks!!! After sharing my pictures with my friends and family, business shot through the roof. Just by sharing my ASAP testimony alone has allowed me to reach SEMD!
– Arnescia M.

My self-esteem and confidence were in the gutter and frankly I almost didn't go to my first convention last year because it meant getting something to wear for the Saturday night event. I was mortified by almost everything I put on, but decided to do it anyway. We learned about ASAP through all the whispers at convention & I was in tears thinking there might actually be something this easy to do that actually works. I picked up a bottle while at the convention. I lost 9.5 lbs in the first 9 days!!! After doing 2 rounds of the 6 week ASAP program I am now down 73 lbs and over 120 inches!
– Kit G.


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